5 women in India who are breaking stereotypes

William Golding once said, “I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been.” The day a girl realizes her worth, she becomes a woman with strength, courage, and dignity. And that day, she becomes someone nobody can think she could be. Women have always tried to break the stereotypes set by society and rise above it. A woman with class and attitude always ignores the naysayers and moves on. They have always broken the barriers and reached new heights to fulfill their dreams and ambitions. Here we present 5 such women who challenged the patriarchal mind-sets and fighting disability and followed their passion. They have broken the glass ceiling and emerged as the true fighters that women can actually be.

  1. Mamatha Poojary:

Also known as the kabbadi queen, mamatha took up the sport when she was 17 years old in 2003. The initial days of her passion were not as she was expecting. Her family was not very sure about her interest. But this girl from hermunde village in Udupi district continued to make her district and country proud. She has also been awarded arjuna award and rajostsava prashasti. The owner of 12 gold medals in kabbadi, led her team in the finals of 2012 kabbadi world championship.

  • Neetu Sarkar: 

She broke the stereotype of the journey from a child bride to an international wrestler. Being married to a mentally challenged man is no less than a challenge. The 13 year old girl from bhiwani village Haryana ran away when her father in law tried to rape her. Having financial troubles, her parents married her off yet again. She decided to take up wrestling and started training at a facility in rohtak. Hard work surely pays off. There was no looking back after she won her first bronze medal at a national event.

  • Avani chaturvedi:

Mig-21 is not an easy aircraft to fly. Avani Chaturvedi did it. She became the first Indian woman to fly the fighter aircraft in her first solo sortie. She is an extraordinary woman from Madhya Pradesh who belongs to a family of army officers. She joined IAF after she started loving flying when she gained experience through a college expedition. Still, the learning of this flying fighter has to go on.

  • Padma Laxmi:

The former wife of novelist Salman Rushdie, Padma Laxmi is a strong woman who proved by achieving greater heights while being a single mother. Life can never be a fairy tale for such women. Breaking the stereotype, she established her name in various fields’ like- acting, modeling, writing, and designing.

  • Suhasini Mulay:

A Marathi actress, who tied the knot at the age of 60, broke the age-related stereotype. She is best known for her on-screen roles in dil chahta hai, lagan, jodhaa akbar, page 3, humraaz, etc.

Nowadays, women believe in breaking the stereotypes in all the fields and make their mark. In a country, filled with people having a mind-set of marrying their girls by the age of 21, single women have always been considered an anomaly. But, today in 2018, women are unwilling to let their lives be dictated by norms. Singlehood has emerged as an intensely ritualized and is being respected by various people. It is now becoming possible to be both single and whole.

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