School Visits


I would love to come to your school for a visit. During a session with the children, I tell them about my books, tell them about my writing experiences, and give them hints for their own writing. I also do at least one book talk dressed as a character from one of my books. I will do as many as four sessions each day. If the day is divided between two schools, I do two sessions at each school. I do not mind how large the sessions are as long as the students are well supervised.

At many schools, I have done writing workshops with smaller groups of children. The workshops go better when the kids have heard my general session first. At some schools, I have done the writing sessions with gifted students and have been paid with gifted funds even though I have spoken to the rest of the school.

I also do after school workshops with teachers who want to write or want to have tips to pass on to their students, and I have often done evening programs with parents. I visit elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools.

Signing books for kids makes me very happy, and I think it adds a lot to a school visit for children to have an opportunity to buy a book. I have a new policy of charging one hundred dollars more if no books are ordered. My  hardback books are published by Walker and Company. They also have some of the paperbacks. Walker books are distributed by MPS Distributors, phone 888-330-8477.  The Keeping Room and Red-Dirt Jessie are available in paper from Puffin 1-800-631-8571. Graveyard Girl is available from Eakin Press, phone 254-235-6161 or email Of course, you can also get the books from book stores. Best of Books in Edmond, Oklahoma, usually has a good supply of my books. Their phone number is 405-340-9202 or 1-800-898-9202. If you have any further quesions please contact me.

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