Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Shoes


Investing in your foot health will require one to buy the right shoes. The proper shoes are those that fit properly as well as providing adequate support. One may need to draw their foot on a piece of paper then use that to help them in buying the shoe they want. One will find out that the most comfortable shoes will perfectly match the outline of your foot’s drawing. In case you want to buy new shoes, consider going back to the past with classic platform shoes from a reliable brand and supplier. Additionally, here is a beginner’s guide to choosing the best shoes that you may find helpful.


fitting shoesOne should ensure that they shop and buy their shoes in the afternoon. Buying shoes in the morning may make them not fit when you wear them in the afternoon. It is recommended that shoes be bought in the afternoon since they will have expanded after being used since morning. This ensures that one gets the right fitting that will still fit them even if their legs swell.


Try the new shoes before buying

One should not only measure one of the shoes. It is necessary that one tries on both shoes to help them determine how comfortable they are. The will need to walk around in them and feel if they are snugly or if they pinch or even slip when one walks in them. One should not buy ill-fitting shoes with the hope that they will stretch with time. Get a pair of shoes that fit perfectly. If possible, one should go with the type of socks they intend to wear with the shoes for a perfect fitting and trial.

Measure both feet

Shoe sizesThis should be done every time one decides to buy new shoes. One cannot rely on using their previous shoe size especially if it after a long period to buy their shoes now. For most people, one of the feet is larger or wider than the other. To be on the safe side, one should buy a pair of shoe that fits the wider foot so that they do not feel uncomfortable.

The sole of the shoes

One should also look at the soles of the shoe. The soles are important since they will protect your feet from any harmful objects. They should provide a proper cushion to your feet so that you are comfortable as you walk around in the shoes. This may also involve walking on hard surfaces to feel how your feet will react in the shoes.

The inner parts of the shoe

One should test for comfortability. This also includes one looking out for any material, tags or even seams in the shoe that may harm or irritate their legs. The material of the inner parts should be breathable so that sweat is not trapped in the shoes which can make the shoes smelly.

Shoes from different manufacturers have different fittings for the sizes. Do not rely on the adverts when making your shoes purchasing decision. Try on the shoes until you find that which fits and is comfortable for you. Also, have a budget so that you buy shoes that are within your reach.…